Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life Lately

I went to a good show last night: the CD release party for the Sugar Thieves. The Dry River Yacht Club played too (what? violin and cello in a rock band?) and artists painted while the bands played. It was a good show (these are not your average slacker bands — these are seriously talented people), and it was great to get out and see people make something other than money.

I'm grateful, then, to be going to London soon for the Festival Chorus to premiere my Three Wandsworth Songs. In a way, I feel disconnected from the part of me that makes music, that is open to experience, that is unexamined. I think this trip will go a long way toward helping me remember what that feels like.

I'll need to, because as soon as I get back, I'll be hunkering down to work on a new piano piece. I was recently awarded a Renee B. Fisher Composer Award, which is a commission to write a work for their 2012 piano competition. I've started some scratchings, but I'm not sure I trust them yet.

In other news, Teriann and I essentially took off the month of May from life in general to paint/renovate our townhouse (more on this, with pictures, later). We got so burned out on it, in fact, that once we moved in at the end of the month, we didn't really spend any time unpacking or making it a home. We've spent June with friends and family, and frantically trying to get ready for our London trip. Once we're back, though, that will be way we spend our evenings, and I expect to have it done within a couple weeks. Housewarming party at the end of July, perhaps?