Monday, August 9, 2010

Musical Happenings of Late

A few nuggets of musical happenings of late:

I got my first commission on Friday — a proud rite of passage for any composer. Mine may have come later than some, but it certainly helps to fill the post-study void. The new work, commissioned by the Festival Chorus in South London, will be premiered next July.

Also, an old piece of mine, Well, I Was Watching TV on April 29, 2004... will be performed at the Society of Composers National Conference in South Carolina in November. It's the only piece I've written for jazz big band, and I still consider it one of my favorites. You can listen to an excerpt of it here.

And finally, Teriann and I had another unusual London experience last night when we went to see Partial Gathering play in the Old Vic Tunnels. The venue, only recently opened, is a Victorian brick cavern beneath the tracks of Waterloo station, and as you might imagine is completely immersive. Dark, creaking, rumbling, and musty-smelling, the space is fascinating in its own right, but they put on quite a show. Ruaidhri and Corentin are friends from my oh-so-recent time at the Royal College, but they're turning into contemporary electronic stars of sorts. The best thing about these guys — apart from their hair, of course — is how honest and unfussy their music is; they say what they mean to, and boldly. Pleased to have met you, lads.

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