Monday, July 5, 2010

101 Hits the Road Part Two: Wales

Months ago, everyone in our house was gathered around the TV (lazying around on a Sunday, no doubt) when a travel show had a program on about a new sport gaining popularity in Wales: coasteering. Unanimously, we decided we had to go try it, and we finally got it organized for the last weekend of May.

We stayed in the pretty little town of Betws-y-Coed,

which, despite the above photo (taken in the morning) is quite a bit livelier than other small, primarily tourist-oriented towns we've been through. The forest around the town makes it seem even smaller — it's essentially one main drag — but even out in the Welsh forest there was a minibus taxi available to take the 9 of us around for a night out in neighboring towns.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have the photos of coasteering itself. Digital cameras have made us completely helpless at converting our disposable, waterproof camera (which uses an ancient artifact known as film) into photographs viewable by the naked eye or indeed, the computer. So for the moment, suffice it to say that it was both terrifying and brilliant, and that I'll post pictures and such here when I get them.

We also visited a ruined castle (Wales is positively littered with them) and took a really enjoyable walk around a lake in the mountains behind town.

And, like our other May journey, it was made unforgettable by our incredible flatties. I've started to worry about missing these folks when we get back to the states.

Have a look at the facebook album here.

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