Monday, August 10, 2009


Teriann and I weren't really planning on doing anything this weekend. But then our friend Mary, who has been studying in Cambridge for the past five weeks but is going back home tomorrow, said we should come up for a Saturday. What were we gonna say... no? We haven't seen that much of the UK outside London anyway (so far only Bath and Brighton) so off we went.

Mary was a terrific tour guide (I love traveling with a local), but even so we didn't do too much of the touristy stuff most people do; we didn't go in King's College (the choir only sings during term time) or Trinity College. Instead, we had a few drinks at the Anchor (the pub in which Pink Floyd was formed) and took a cruise down the river in a boat specific to Cambridge and the shallow River Cam: a punt. A punt is a completely flat boat that is propelled by a long stick — like a gondola. Punting is a centuries-old tradition in Cambridge, so why not join in?

Incidentally, if Brighton has seagulls, Cambridge has bees; they're absolutely everywhere, including on our punt and inside the Anchor.

One of the coolest things to see was the Mathematical Bridge, which, when it was built, didn't need bolts or fasteners of any kind to support someone walking across it. Students took it apart, however, to find out how it was built, and couldn't get it back together again. Here it is (with bolts, of course).

To walk on it, however, one has to enter Queen's College; so armed with our liquid courage from the Anchor, we snuck in to evade the four or five pound charge. Ha! Stick it to the man!

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