Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!

I am absolutely crushed-busy with projects for school. Too crushed, even, to procrastinate and lament during the week about precisely how crushed I am; nope, just shoulder to the wheel. For school, I currently have to:

1) finish a piece with a peculiar instrumentation (flute, clarinet, bassoon, harp, violin, cello) by May 11
2) orchestrate 7 minutes of Henry Cowell's piano music (don't know the deadline)
3) give a presentation on May 21 about the convergence/divergence of styles between vocal and non-vocal music by a composer of my choice (haven't chosen one yet)
4) submit composition portfolio on June 1
5) conduct concert on June 8 (not to mention rehearsals) that includes Joubert's Octet, my piece, Thanatopsis, and a work by one of my fellow students
6) May 2-4, Strasbourg/Alsace; May 16-17, camping; May 23-25, Belgium; June 6-7, Munich/Neuschwanstein

Okay, that last one shouldn't really count, but travel takes time too!

Oh, and did I mention that I just started a new job? I did: I'm a lowly intern at Lo-Max records, a small label in north London. Sheesh.

Join all this with the fact that the summer program I was planning on going to is now canceled (thanks economy!), and that I already turned down another summer festival's offer because I thought I was going to this one... yikes. Boy, do I need to go to France this weekend...

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