Friday, February 13, 2009

...Is Responsible, For the Speed, Of the Passing Time...

Much of the course at the College thus far has dealt with how a composer can manipulate how a listener experiences time in music. In fact, Rzewski's piece that I'm performing on Wednesday (see the post below) deals almost exclusively with the perception of time (the text is a letter a prisoner wrote to his brother, and the 20-minute piece uses only 5 notes to make the listener feel trapped —if you ask me, it works brilliantly).

So it's ironic that time seems to be moving so quickly lately. I find it hard to believe that our wedding was more than 8 months ago, that we moved to London more than 5 months ago, that it has already been more than a month since we got back from our amazing trip home. I don't think it's that we've fallen into a rut: we get out pretty much every weekend to take advantage of London's never-ending activities. Maybe it's just that the first few months of every year seem to fly by. Who knows?

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