Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day and Age

I got the Killers' latest album, Day and Age, shortly after Christmas. If I had to pick one favorite band, it might be the Killers — in my top three without question. They mix rock with techno electronica with an energy that is both infatuating and somehow innocent.

It is this last quality, I think, that sets them apart from all the other electric rock bands (Shiny Toy Guns springs to mind) and makes them so exceptional. Their second album, Sam's Town, is in my mind the best rock album ever (rivaled only by Muse's Absolution) because every track bubbles over with catchy hooks, thumping beats, and passionate, risky vocals; every track a journey, a crisis. I can't wait to go see them in March —Teriann and I are going with a couple of our flatmates to see their concert in Berlin (because, if you live in London, it's cheaper to fly to Berlin and see them there than it is to buy tickets to their London show).

In any case, the first three tracks on the new disc are perfect, classic Killers. They have made some technological advances, and the production values are a big step up from other: it sounds fantastic. The energy wanes, though, and by the end of the album, they sound like they could be any average band.

Still, I'm willing to forgive them a few less-than-stellar tracks here and there; I'm still really looking forward to Berlin.

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