Sunday, November 23, 2008

At Last: Good News

Lately, I haven't been doing so great on the whole composition-as-a-career thing. 

2007 was a great year: I participated in (that is, was accepted to) three summer festivals, was very productive (Sonatina, Intervals of Flight, and Thanatopsis were all composed in 2007), and was accepted to three of the five schools to which I applied for graduate school. There were twelve performances of my music (including an ASU faculty concert, an ASU orchestra concert, my first international performance, and a recital consisting of only my works), and in general, things were looking up.

2008 has not been so fruitful. It has been consummately more enriching in other areas of my life — say, for instance, getting married and moving to another country — but has been relatively slow-going in the career department. It looks as though this year will finish out with nine performances, I didn't win anything per se to go on my CV (though not from a lack of trying), and — most importantly — I suffered a kind of compositional rough patch for most of the year, a hangover from Thanatopsis, out which I have only in the past few weeks begun to drag myself. Consider that while I completed six works in the first nine months of 2007, in the next year I wrote only two simple choral works, the first two movements of an as-yet-unfinished violin sonata, and a small piece for solo violin, Postcard, as a going-away present for Taylor (he's quite the celebrity: here's his bio page on Barrage, and here's his blog).

All this is to say that when I received a certain e-mail this evening from the Chicago Miniaturist Ensemble, saying that they will be performing Postcard at the Ossia Space on December 4th, it was a welcome sight for sore eyes. Oh, how I hope this is the beginning of another upward trend.

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Ginnna said...

Damn right it's the beginning of another upward trend. You're going places, dude.