Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hyde Park II

This is the story of the second time we went to Hyde Park to feed the squirrels. This time we learned from our previous menu error and brought peanuts.

What ho? The squirrel is not interested in the peanut?

It turns out Hyde Park is a pretty big space, and since we had chosen to see a different part of the park (the west end near Round Pond), the local wildlife had different tastes. The squirrels on the Knightsbridge end of the park (where we were last time) are accustomed to business folks feeding them on their lunch in the park. These new squirrels however were tough and wild (west si-yeed!) and didn't want anything to do with us humans or our tasty peanuts.

So, like the time before, we went to check out the other fauna of the park, which of course Teriann could not help but to be 'Photographing'...

I even took a couple shots.

There were hungry swans (here is a very brave lady)...

...and hungry geese.

And while this trip wasn't successful in feeding squirrels (better luck next time...), we did hang out with the geese quite a bit. They didn't seem to like the peanuts all that much, but were still rather infatuated with us. I even built up a sort of rapport with this one: I can talk to animals!


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