Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hyde Park I

This is the story of the first time we went to Hyde Park to feed the squirrels. 

First of all, this is how Teriann looks any time we're on our way to go feed squirrels.

And here she goes...

Hmm... turns out we brought bread and what the squirrels really prefer is peanuts. It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Except with squirrels.

The geese liked the bread though, so we still made friends.

And, like she does is any open green space, Teriann continued 'Photographing Wildlife'.

I wonder when I will no longer be surprised by this city. One time we got lost near Piccadilly Circus and found Chinatown. Another time we were walking down Park Lane and happened across Burlington Arcade, an opulent shopping for the fantastically wealthy. On this particular afternoon, we came across a group of urban roller-skaters who set up a skating rink/dance floor in the middle of the park. 


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gina said...

Hehe, that first picture is VERY "Teriann" with the expression and the posture and the cuteness. Tell her that the "Photographing Wildlife" I like best is the third one you posted with the bird looking up as though it's paying attention to someone. Also, why doesn't Arizona have any impromptu rollerblading dances??