Thursday, October 30, 2008

England Right Now

Short update on the state of things in England:

The weather has turned. Gone are the days of beautiful and mild weather. It is now cold around the clock (snow fell a few nights ago but I was asleep) and it's pretty much dark as night by 5 p.m. And it's not even November.

I don't know how much of this news makes its way onto America's shores, but Britain is in an absolute firestorm about some lewd jokes a comedy duo made on a BBC show. True, they were in bad taste, but since when has it been a crime or a matter of public inquiry (the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury have both interjected themselves into the fray) to make a joke in poor taste? Oh, but the BBC is funded by the people, the public shouts — all 27,000 or so that have complained — so they shouldn't have offensive things on there. Well I'm glad that's settled. From now on, there shall be nothing offensive to anyone on the BBC. For that matter, why don't we do away with programming that some people think is poorly made? The whole thing stinks of the farce that was the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident. Half a million people complained about that (who counts these things?), but it didn't make them right that time either.

I feel very removed from the fact that the election — the actual event that has consumed so much of America's last two years — is less than a week away.

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