Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week Two: Vacationing in London

Here’s where the fun really started. Having set up enough infrastructure to actually enjoy ourselves, we did so, spending a whole week on the typical touristy things of London.

Un-advertised sights on a bus tour included this restaurant on Trafalgar Square,

and this leaning, rather unflattering view of Tower Bridge.

Teriann reflects on this.

We also took a river cruise (which I highly recommend) and climbed the dome of St Paul's cathedral. Here's proof.

The next day was spent at the Tower of London, where highlights included this incredible eleventh-century (yes, I said eleventh) chapel,

and this!

For as fastidious as fusiliers must be, they certainly weren't very clean. And don't just take my word for it.

Teriann continued her 'Photographing Wildlife' series with these ravens,

including a pic of me with the ravens,

and I took a picture of... well, if you can't figure out what this is a picture of, you wouldn't find it funny if I told you.

We also got considerably better at taking couple pictures :)

Afterwards, we took the Tower Bridge tour, which I thought was the highlight of the day, but left Teriann nonplussed ("It's just a bridge!"). In support of my position, consider these photos. Compare these common views of the monument,

with these.

The main thing I got out of the day was the fascinating blend of old and new in London. Yes, we spent much of the day mucking around in a fortress originally completed by about 1080 (only four stories high, it was called the Tower because in 1080 that was unthinkably tall), but it's in one of the newest parts of town anywhere. It's the heart of the glass-faced financial district, and whether it's financial power or cultural offerings, London is still a vibrant and thriving city.

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