Friday, July 18, 2008

I Am Officially Terrified

July has flown by. June was leisurely, measured. I could see each day of the week before the wedding go by. It felt like there was plenty of time on our honeymoon (which was amazingly wonderful, by the by). The two weeks after the honeymoon crawled by -- a fantastic fortnight. And then July hit.

Frankly, I feel like yesterday could have been the 4th.

Part of it is that we still haven't found a place to live in London yet. The bigger picture, though, is that I'm just plain scared of the enormous move.

I love married life. We are so happy and so content that at times it seems foolish to step outside our proverbial box when it's so comfy and cosy. It's the old kernel of wisdom that says everyone wants what they can't have: people that work the regular 9-5 seem envious of our overseas adventure and want to break out of their box, while I'm looking suspiciously at the hammer with which I'm about to destroy mine and thinking twice. The fact that, in all frankness, we can't afford what we're about to do can also be something of a stress factor.

In any case, I have to keep telling myself that, though it looks daunting now, it will be worth it; the people who have done it loved it and came out more well-rounded people because of it. Let's hope that it also translates into career success...