Friday, June 20, 2008


My life is in the process of some big changes.

I got married (you can find the photos here, but they may be taken down from the photographer's website in the near future). Married life has been great so far (almost two weeks), but is certainly different. As I write, in fact, the pungent and hitherto foreign scent of nail polish remover is wafting through the room — a smell one didn't come across at the old bachelor pad.

The honeymoon was a fantastic time, especially since we were coming off of such a hectic couple of months. Between graduating and wedding planning, we both needed the relaxation. Incidentally, since the wedding I've been in a kind of relaxation hangover: my to-do list is growing and yet I'm still in a lazy post-busy mode.

Speaking of the to-do list, Teriann and I are moving to London in September, and we do not yet have student loans, student visas, or a place to live. Yikes. We'll see how that turns out.

London, by the way, was the original reason for creating this blog: to keep in touch with anyone interested in what we're up to. It will get more interesting once we move. I promise.

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ZER0 C00L said...

You best keep in touch. Or else...... uh.... [insert menacing threat right here]. That's RIGHT!!!